Long known for its exceptional healing properties, natural potato juice is a key nutritional product for anyone seeking good health, longevity and a fulfilling life.

Regular consumption of potato juice has a strong beneficial effect on the overall condition of the body. That is why, for many years now, potato juice has been one of the most popular and loved home remedies in Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

The special technology for separating starch from potatoes turns natural potato juice into a liquid superfood, extremely rich in essential ketoacids and vitamins.

Many of you must be wondering "what are keto acids?". Keto acids are organic substances, complex molecules that have a carboxyl group and a ketone.

Depending on the type they belong to - alpha, beta or gamma - keto acids, these organic compounds have different functions in the human body.

Alpha-keto acids have an outstanding role in the Krebs cycle. Ketopyruvic acid is the first step in the Krebs cycle, effectively the first step of oxidative metabolism.

Beta-keto acids, to which acetoacetate also belongs, improve the body's oxidative state, which controls the effective metabolism of glucose and stimulates energy production.

There are studies that show that when taken by diabetics, acetoacetate acts similarly to insulin.

Gamma-keto acids have the least importance for the processes in the human organism. Many of them, such as levulinic acid, have the effect of antibiotics and are often prescribed in parallel, as they enhance the effect of antibiotic preparations.

The most important thing about keto acids is that they are an ideal substitute for the 19 essential amino acids. But why is it really worth including them in our menu?

First of all, their property as a substitute for essential amino acids makes keto acids a key element in the diet of any person who has stopped consuming products of animal origin, but wishes to prevent a situation of severe deficiencies for his body.

Keto acids are of exceptional benefit to the elderly and those with severely compromised health, whose bodies are in constant catabolism, practically unable to absorb amino acids from food.

Last but not least, the consumption of keto acids as a substitute for proteins of animal origin prevents the accumulation of ammonia, which is carcinogenic to our body.

In addition to preventing the concentration of ammonia, alpha-keto acids have the unique property of binding to its excess in the body and, through processing, again using it for beneficial purposes.

These are the main and a small part of the benefits that can be expected from the consumption of natural potato juice. The list of useful properties is endless. The surest way to convince yourself of its undeniable qualities is to boldly include it in your daily life through your menu. Potato juice has absolutely no contraindications and can only help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Due to its specific taste, we recommend taking it in combination with natural fruit juices and syrups or as an ingredient in the preparation of various dishes. For more recipes…