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Folk healers around the world have long been familiar with the beneficial effects of natural potato juice. Research by Russian military personnel from the mid-20th century even shows that a person can maintain a healthy and fulfilling life, with the most necessary nutrients for the body, through a diet consisting only of potatoes and butter. Wondering how that's possible?

What most people don't know is that potatoes are an extremely good source of protein. Yes it is! We are used to the idea that with the potatoes that we consume, our body first of all gets carbohydrates, because of the high content of starch. For this we say that "compirin" is the best of the potato - squeezed and precisely filtered juice with less than 2% starch content. Kompirin is a real protein bomb! Extremely rich in unique keto-acids. Wondering what exactly keto acids are? These are organic substances, complex molecules that have a carboxyl group and a ketone. In addition to potatoes, large amounts of keto acids are found in strawberry leaves and alfalfa. Not coincidentally, these are favorite foods of some of the strongest and most imposing herbivores such as horses, buffaloes, etc.

For us humans, keto acids are an ideal energy source for the heart and brain. If necessary, the human body has the ability to convert the received keto-acids into amino-acids in order to obtain the necessary amount of protein.

It is well known that the use of animal proteins and amino acids, respectively, has an upper limit per kilogram of body weight, because of the amino groups that the liver is able to process. The protein in potato is of entirely plant origin, so it is possible to take it in larger quantities without overdosing.

We can safely say that the protein content of potatoes is close to the protein content of milk. For this reason, we recommend the consumption of potato as a substitute for animal protein. Kompirin is especially useful for people who, for various reasons, have limited or completely excluded food of animal origin from their menu.

One of the main problems for absorption of keto acids by the human body is the need to heat them. For this, potatoes are pasteurized at a high temperature, for a maximum level of absorption of the valuable substances for our body. Kompirin can even be consumed as a juice, directly after opening it.

Here we must admit that despite the huge benefits it has for the health of our body, potato juice is known for its rather specific taste. We recommend diluting it with natural lemonades or fruit juices (for direct consumption) or using it in the preparation of various soups and dishes. Here are some of the most successful potato recipes we've been able to develop so far.



The content of keto acids in potato juice is about 10% (HERE link to experimental videos), which was measured as follows.

Proven Recipes with potato HERE. Experimental recipes with potatoes HERE

Over the years, science hasn't had much interest in keto acids, but people like Dr. Ray Peet have discovered quite a few benefits from keto-rich potato juice.

Here we will offer links to the science that led us to make potato and try to offer it as an unexpected innovation in healthy eating.

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Estimation of α-keto acids in plant tissue: a critical study of various methods of extraction as applied to strawberry leaves, washed potato slices and peas





Despite the proven beneficial benefits of the daily consumption of Compitrin, its inclusion in the daily menu is a real challenge.

The benefits you can have many times outweigh the initial inconveniences that include finding the right recipes, which are individual preferences.

Nutritional values for 100ml.

Energy: 259 kJ respectively. 61 kcal
Fats 0.1 g
of which saturated: 0.03 g
Protein*: 1.8 g
Carbohydrates: 13.4 g
of which sugars (Natural): 11.5 g
Fibers: 0.4 g
Salt: 0.18 g

Recommended intake:

300-500 milliliters of juice per day, which largely provide the body's daily need for protein.

Suitable for cooking soups and dishes.

To improve the taste when consumed directly, dilution with fruit juices or lemonades 1 to 4 is recommended


Made in Bulgaria

ray peet for the potato juice

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